You Can Choose Analog Chorus Pedal Or Digital Chorus Pedal

Bass and guitar players often use Chorus. Many bass players use the Chorus effect on their bass sound. What type of best chorus pedal do you look for? Choosing the best chorus pedal can be a daunting job. In these days, we can find many products that promise the best quality. You must first know whether you want analog or digital chorus.

What are the differences between the analog chorus pedal and digital chorus pedal? The digital chorus has always been a long and endless debate in music circles. There is a stronghold with analog pedals. There are also those who accept and use the digital pedal when it comes to the fullest according to technological progress. You each chorus pedal comes with pros and cons. You can choose it based on your taste and your needs. You can also determine the best chorus pedal by considering your purpose on using it.

Compare Pros & Cons Best Chorus Pedal


  • High Quality Sound
  • Budget-friendly
  • Multitasking


  • Tone gets lower when the loop is engaged
  • Pressed sleeve knobs
  • Not so great with other pedals



+ Chorus Effects Pedal for Guitar
+ Keyboard with Stereo Outputs
+ Effect Level
+ EQ
+ Rate
+ Depth Controls

+ Chorus Effects Pedal 3 Modes
+ Standard, CE-1 Chorus, and CE-1 Vibrat
+ Rate and Depth Controls
+ Depth Controls

+ MXR Analog Chorus
+ About Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.


Has a warmer and sweeter sound. Analog basically sounds (depends on the pedal) more noise (not clear) than the digital pedal. Many analog chorus pedals are manufactured and certainly have a different character and sound quality. Analog components have a sense of sound that is “sweet” or sometimes “annoying” is also less accurate and valid and has the depth/fullness of a very natural sound. You won’t find it all on digital sound. Analog chorus pedal fans like thick chorus sound, sometimes rough, but it is less accurate in terms of tempo.


This chorus pedal may translate electrical signals into binary languages ​​and translate them back to audio. If we record and mix, what happens is the conversion again to the digital sound data. This is what often leads to the opinion that the digital pedal has a thinner sound and brighter. It is not as warm as the analog pedal sound. Digital effects are basically algorithms, a mathematical formula that is applied to sound. This type of chorus pedal can put the right frequency in mixing, so the result is better than analog pedals.

This chorus tends to be brighter and it can be thinner and metallic when compared to the analog pedal. Not all digital pedals sound bad. Some digital pedals have a fantastic sound. Digital pedals have a greater variety of sound choruses than analog Chorus pedals, allowing certain Chorus sound characters that we imagine. Digital will continue to grow and become better.

Analog and digital signals such as words and numbers, in terms of encoding information. Each has a limit. In sound, the limit is measured in the measured dimensions of audio, namely frequency and amplitude. All goes back to our uses and goals for the Chorus sound, both for recording and live. There are opinions that say that we do not have to “choose” between analog and digital sound.

Sometimes we need digital chorus pedal and vice versa. However, you must know the right time to use digital chorus pedal or analog chorus pedal. Perhaps, you have many considerations including economic factors, appropriate characters, type of music, tastes, and more.

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