Consideration Factors In Choosing Chorus Pedal

Do you need the best chorus pedal? Is chorus pedal an important thing when you play the guitar? The guitar effect is basically divided into two, namely the analog effect (stompbox) and digital effects (multi-effects). Both certainly have different characteristics. You can find knowledge first before you decide to buy guitar effects.

The analog effect is a manual effect that can be used by arranging several effects in parallel. It consists of overdrive effects, chorus effects, metal zone effects, flanger effects, wah pedal effects, equalizer effects, acoustic simulator effects, and super octave effects and other custom pedals. While the digital tone has “built-in” into one. You can choose the best chorus pedal based on your needs. Before you buy guitar effects, you can consider these following things.

Compare Pros & Cons Best Chorus Pedal


  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple to use
  • Very high-quality sound
  • Optional power supply


  • Can be too noisy
  • Lack of different options
  • Not too much sound variety options


+ Pure analog chorus sound
+ Full metal shell
+ Very small and exquisite - Great for conserving pedal board space!
+ True bypass

+ Analog Chorus by Deadbeat Sound
+ True Bypass Analog Chorus
+ Small and Compact
+ Depth, Speed and Level Knobs
+ Current Draw of 200 mA

+ 2 separate controls are provided
+ Adopt most classical BBD chips
+ Pedal also has a fine S/N 90db
+ True bypass design
+ A led lights

Compare prices between stompbox effects versus digital effects
Digital effects usually have a cheaper price than analog effects, because to get a varied sound, we only need to buy one effect.

Quality of sound produced
Quality is an important factor in tone formation. The analog effect is better than the digital one because we can adjust the strength of the effect manually. While digital effects have standard sound quality.

Number of tones
The more tones, the more varied the sound effects chorus pedal can produce. Digital effects have a number of tones than analog effects.

Battery life
Does it save battery or not when used frequently when traveling? Digital effects tend to be wasteful of batteries because every effect that is assembled needs to power itself. If you use an adapter must be adjusted again with the number of effects that are arranged.

Search for lighter and easier to carry everywhere
Because it has been built into one, digital effects are easy to carry everywhere compared to analog effects.

Ease of connectivity with other equipment such as computers
In terms of analog effect connectivity, it can only be connected with a guitar or ‘amp,’ while digital effects can be connected with other equipment such as computers.

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